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The Women Sculptors of Pyramid Hill

In honor of International Women's Day on March 8, 2024, we thought it was high time to highlight the talented women sculptors of Pyramid Hill and all they bring to the Park's collection. This list is in order of how these pieces are listed on our park map - be sure to stop by each on your next visit to the Park!

Sculpture is made up of several pieces of silver aluminum that connect at the top forming a swirling shape
Swirl by Kim Radochia

Made of swirling pieces of aluminum, Swirl by Kim Radochia sits directly in front of the Park's visitor center. "Inspired by nature, temporality, and the desire to capture the spectacular movement constantly surrounding me, my art moves fluidly between large site-specific outdoor sculptures, small intimate assemblages, room-sized installations, and large, immersive wall reliefs.", quoted from Radochia's website.

Large black sculpture made of recycled tire materials stands in a lush green grass field surrounded by trees. The sculpture is Shhh by Chakaia Booker
Shhh by Chakaia Booker

From Booker's website: "Chakaia Booker is an internationally renowned and widely collected American sculptor known for creating monumental, abstract works from recycled tires and stainless steel for both the gallery and outdoor public spaces". Pyramid Hill is thrilled to include three of Booker's works in our outdoor sculpture collection; Shhh, Take Out, and LBD Duty Free (currently on loan at the Cincinnati Art Museum).

Hexagonal shapes of varying sizes in red, orange, pink, and purple connect together to form the sculpture Forms in Red by Josefa Filkosky
Soaring Forms in Red by Josefa Filkosky

A personal favorite of our marketing team, Soaring Forms in Red by Josefa Filkosky features vibrant colors and geometrical shapes to create a playful sculpture that cannot be missed. Filkosky was an American Postwar and Contemporary artist born in Pennsylvania. She was a sculptor, educator, and pioneer of the minimalist art movement.

Two identically shaped metal sculptures sit side by side, the left is yellow and the right is black.
Looking At It, Looking From It by Clasina Van Bemmel

Two identically shaped sculptures mirror one another while simultaneously pointing in separate directions. According to Van Bemmel, the two chairs represent the light and dark aspects and outlook on life. Bring a friend along to experience this sculpture with and see what differences you can find between the outlooks from each chair.

Large granite carved sculpture with hidden glass elements. Keepsake by Antoinette Prien Schultze
Keepsake by Antoinette Prien Schultze

Made of granite with hidden glass skylights throughout the piece, Keepsake by Antoinette Prien Schultze is one you'll want to hop out of your car and get up close to. Beautifully situated next to the Walled Garden, this piece is made of natural elements and surrounded by nature.

Artist statement from Schultze's website: "I use the natural and eternal presentation that stone affects to carve abstract forms that reflect our common humanity and express the wonder and beauty that is of our world. I flag each sculpture with ethereal colored glass that sparkles with light and throws reflections of color onto the surrounding surfaces of the sculpture. The stone and wood that I carve project a feeling of strength and stability, and the addition of glass (representing our passions and feelings) renders a vulnerable and fragile quality to my art. This quality of opposites, strength and fragility, is a reminder of the beautiful balancing act that is ever present in nature".

Ordovicia by Nanci Lanni is a carved stone sculpture resembling an oval-shaped fossil
Ordovicia by Nanci Lanni
Waterflow by Nanci Lanni is a stone sculpture carved to create an abstract interlocking design
Waterflow by Nanci Lanni

Both Ordovicia and Waterflow were created by Nanci Lanni and are on display around the Gallery Museum at Pyramid Hill. Lanni studied at Syracuse University and creates carved stone sculptural pieces. Ordovicia resembles an oval-shaped fossil and is named for the geological time period of the Paleozoic era. Waterflow depicts an abstract interlocking design and sits surrounded by a garden. Lanni is one of the daughters of Pyramid Hill's founder, Harry T. Wilks. Visit with these pieces on Founder's Day Weekend in honor of two pivotal creators in the history of Pyramid Hill - Saturday, March 9 and Sunday, March 10, 2024.

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