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The Art of Pyramid Hill

Here you will find upcoming exhibition opportunities as well as images of the artwork featured at Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park. Take a look at works in current and past contemporary exhibitions, as well as pieces from both our outdoor and indoor permanent collections including those artifacts housed within the walls of the Ancient Sculpture Museum. Click on an image to get a closer look!

From the Reject Files: Drawings, Maquette, and Proposals

Mid-South Sculpture Alliance
September 13th - October 23rd

This group exhibition of artwork by the Board and members of the Mid-South Sculpture Alliance celebrates an often-undervalued part of the art making process – planning and prototyping.  Artworks included in this exhibition range from small and medium sized maquettes, made in preparation of the completion of monumental sculptures, to reference photos taken by exhibiting artists, to 5-minute preparatory sketches that birthed infinitely more complex iterations of projects. 

by Bret Price
September 2021 - September 2022

Leverage by Bret Price features 10 pieces of monumental sculpture by the artist. The works in the exhibition represent a retrospective of Price's monumental work in the medium of steel sculpture from 1999 – 2020.  As a contemporary, multidisciplinary sculptor, one of Bret Price's main objectives is to convey a sense of unexpected movement and balance while confronting the challenges of the materials he uses. The artist bends and twists steel, manipulating the material to create sculptures that remind the viewer that our preconceptions can be limiting. 

Mid-South Sculpture Alliance Exhibition
Open through November 2021

Put on in conjunction with the Mid-South Sculpture Alliance, this exhibition displays nine outdoor sculptures, including a mix of abstract and representational work from artists around the country.


The MSA is a membership based non-profit and is an affiliate organization of the International Sculpture Center (ISC). Its membership is open to anyone, anywhere with an interest in and commitment to the field of sculpture. As an organization, the mission of MSA is to advance the creation and awareness of sculpture in its many and varied forms, and seeks to encourage the understanding that sculpture educates, effects social change, and engages artists, art professionals, and the community in dialogue.

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