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April 7 through July 28, 2024

The presence of the visionary People of the Hopewell culture remains with us today, and we are still discovering the depth of their engineering expertise, artistic brilliance, and influential spiritual worldview. Join us in recognizing and appreciating the People of the Hopewell culture who designed and developed the ceremonial sites we now call the Newark Earthworks.

On display in Pyramid Hill's contemporary gallery space

12PM – 5PM daily

Mounds, Moon, and Stars at Pyramid Hill was funded by a grant from Greater Cincinnati Foundation. The exhibition was curated by the Great Circle Alliance and made possible with funding in part by Ohio Humanities.

Open Call to Artists: Stories of the Land

Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park is holding an open call for artist as a part of the 2024 FOTOFOCUS Biennial show.


This year’s theme is “Stories of the Land” which asks artists to submit a lens-based work that interrogates the many stories that emerge on the land on which we all live.

While some works might engage with our earth’s longstanding history and others with stories from more recent times, the exhibition as a whole aims to connect with each viewer on a personal level, to prompt questions of their own place within the nature they live on. How does the land hold narratives? What do we know and what do we wish to know about the untold Stories of the Land?

As always, we’d like to introduce new artists to this region, feature local artists, and exhibit everyone, from more established to emerging artists, in tandem. Exhibition space is limited. All accepted art will be eligible to win an award of $500.

Man stands behind large stone sculpture looking through the lens of a camera

Vendor Application for the 2024 Art Fair

Art Fair dates: September 28 & 29, 2024


The application to be a vendor at this year's Art Fair is now open! Artists’ booths are set amongst the art and nature that fill our gorgeous grounds. Art Fair has over 1,500 people visit annually and is a tradition for many in the greater Cincinnati area.


This event also features live music, family-friendly activities, food trucks, and drinks.

Two artist vendors sit talking and laughing with each other during Pyramid Hill's Art Fair



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