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Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park is located within the Traditional Homelands of the Myaamia (Miami) and Saawanooki (Shawnee) Peoples. Fortified Hill Earthwork at Pyramid Hill stands as a testament to the depth of time that Indigenous Peoples have lived in and stewarded this landscape. We acknowledge our responsibility to care for these lands and to honor the ancestral relationship the Tribal Nations continue with these lands on which Pyramid Hill resides.


Much of modern Ohio, including the land where Pyramid Hill is now located, was ceded to the United States in the Treaty of Greenville in 1795. With the passage of the Indian Removal Act in 1830, it became the policy of the United States government to coerce the removal, forcefully if necessary, of the Tribal Nations in these lands to areas west of the Mississippi River. In 1843, the last Tribal Nation in Ohio, the Wyandotte, were removed from northern Ohio to what became Kansas where they lived next to one of their allies from Ohio, the Delaware. In 1846, the Myaamia were removed from their remaining lands in Indiana. They passed through Hamilton via the Miami and Erie Canal on October 11, 1846, as they also made their way to a reservation in what would become Kansas, where they joined the Shawnee and other Nations removed from the Ohio Valley.


Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park would like to thank and acknowledge the sovereign Nations whose representatives consulted with us and helped us tremendously in developing the interpretation and signage for Fortified Hill Earthwork and continue to provide guidance and collaboration in preservation and developmental efforts. These include:


Delaware Tribe of Indians

The Shawnee Tribe

Miami Tribe of Oklahoma

Wyandotte Nation

Through the combined efforts of Dr. Jeff Leipzig’s partnership with the Archaeological Conservancy, the Harry T. Wilks Family Foundation, and a huge outpouring of community support, the Fortified Hill mound complex has been saved for conservation!

Thanks to our conservation partners including the Greater Cincinnati Native American Coalition, Archeological Conservancy, Ohio Valley Archeology, and the Cincinnati Museum Center.​

If you are interested in volunteering at Fortified Hill, contact us!


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