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1763 Hamilton Cleves Road

Hamilton, OH 45013


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What is the best way to tour the park?

We suggest renting an Art Cart to tour the park. Art Carts enable visitors to travel on special cart paths and drive up to the outdoor sculptures. Visitors can also drive their own car or walk the three hundred-plus acres. The best route is to follow Gallery Loop Road.


How long does it take to tour the park?

The park can take anywhere from one hour to several trips to explore. The park is a self-guided tour that offers guests the ability to go at their own pace. The monumental sculptures can be seen by car, foot, or Art Cart and the length of your stay depends on how much time you spend at each piece. We suggest allowing 3 - 4 hours for your first visit.


Where can we eat during our visit?

Pyramid Hill offers snacks and drinks at the Gift Shop located in the Visitor Center. Visitors may bring outside food into the Park, but outside alcohol is not permitted. We suggest packing a picnic prior to one’s visit or stopping by one of Hamilton's wonderful local restaurants. Enjoy your meal at one of the Park’s many vistas, picnic tables, or shelters.


What is the best way to plan our visit?

Download our mobile app (Otocast) from the app store and take a virtual tour of the Park, including audio from artists. You can also view a PDF of our Park map here.


Are we allowed to climb on the sculptures?

We do not allow climbing on the sculptures. The sculptures are monumental works of art that can be touched, but climbing on the art can cause damage.


Are bikes, skates, skateboards, scooters and other wheeled  personal transportation devices allowed in the park?

Due to the terrain and topography of the Park, wheeled personal transportation is not allowed at the park. Guest safety is our top concern at Pyramid Hill and most of our park grounds do not allow for safe rides. 

Do you allow hunting or fishing in the park?

Hunting and fishing are strictly forbidden in the Park outside of an annual 12 and under catch and release Fishing Derby the weekend of Father's Day.


Are drones allowed?

Only pilots possessing an FAA Part 107 certificate are permitted to fly drones and are subject to Park restrictions. Pilots must register at the Visitor Center before flying.


Are the antiquities in the Ancient Sculpture Museum real or replicas?

All of the sculptures in the Ancient Sculpture Museum are authenticated antiquities. 


Who owns Pyramid Hill?

You do! As a public nonprofit organization, Pyramid Hill belongs to the public at-large. The parties responsible for the operation of the organization is the Board of Trustees.

Large wooden modern sculpture sits outdoors at Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park surrounded by purple flowering trees


As an equal opportunity employer, Pyramid Hill welcomes applicants of all backgrounds and abilities to apply for open positions. Full time, part time, and seasonal opportunities are posted at the link below.

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