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Yet Another New Sculpture Added to Pyramid Hill's Growing Collection

Pyramid Hill welcomed the second of two new sculptures to it's collection in July 2023. Precarious-C by Isaac Duncan III is a stainless steal and bronze sculpture sitting at 9ft tall. Duncan explores movement and balance in his work, making Precarious-C eye-catching and seemingly interactive.

Pyramid Hill is excited to incorporate this piece and the artist into our collection, and could not be more thrilled with the presence of Precarious-C at the Park. This pieces welcomes visitors to the Ancient Sculpture Museum and is a beautiful backdrop for events hosted in the garden.

Find out more about Precarious-C straight from the artist in the video below.

Thank you, Isaac Duncan III for your words, your art, and your partnership with Pyramid Hill!

This is the second sculpture to be added to Pyramid Hill's collection in the last month. Learn more about In Pieces by Cosimo Cavallaro here.

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