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Growth and Changes are Coming to Pyramid Hill's Annual Holiday Light Show

Hamilton, OH - Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park’s annual holiday light show is celebrating being part of family traditions for 25 years, and with that comes growth and changes.

Over the past 25 years, Pyramid Hill’s light show has become part of many family’s holiday

traditions. Families from all across the tri-state area travel to the Park during November and

December to visit and experience the lights. Our light show started just 1 year after the founding of the Park and has only continued to grow and expand each year since.

We are excited to announce that beginning in 2023, the name of our holiday light show will be changing to Pyramid Hill Lights as we move forward into a new era for the park and show.

Large arch stands over driveway wrapped with white lights. The surrounding trees are covered in multicolored lights, illuminating the area
2020 Pyramid Hill light show

“The light show at Pyramid Hill has been a holiday staple that many families look forward to

annually. It brings together generations of family and friends to experience the magic of holiday lights. With the help of the Haile Foundation, we have grown over the years to have a 70 acre display, including artist installations, that welcome visitors to Pyramid Hill. Moving forward, the show will be named ‘Pyramid Hill Lights’ to reflect its long history at the Park as well as the new emphasis on artistic light installations.” says Sarah Templeton Wilson, Interim Executive Director of Pyramid Hill.

To complete this realignment with Pyramid Hill’s mission of bringing people to art in nature, this year we plan to prioritize partnerships within our local arts community, include new and nostalgic visitor favorites throughout the show, and highlight the unique art and nature decorated landscape that makes visiting the Pyramid Hill Lights a completely unique experience.

Pyramid Hill Lights

November 17, 2023 – December 31, 2023

Tuesday through Thursday: 6PM – 9PM

Friday through Sunday: 6PM – 10PM

Closed for private events on Monday

Teddy bear figure stands in front of large green tree, both are decorated in festive multicolored lights
2020 Pyramid Hill light show

Thank you to our Pyramid Hill Lights presenting sponsor, the Carol Anne and Ralph V. Haile Jr. Foundation, to our season sponsors, ArtsWave, The Hamilton Community Foundation, Ohio Arts Council, and the Harry T. Wilks Family Foundation, and to our Pyramid Hill Lights music sponsor, Cincinnati Public Radio. For additional information or press inquiries, please contact Pyramid Hill’s Marketing Manager, Delaney French, at or 513-868-8336.

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Nov 25, 2023

Actually a question. How tall of vehicles can drive through (bus), and is there still a Hamilton residents free evening?

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