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Free Admission to Pyramid Hill on Founder's Day Weekend in Honor of Harry T. Wilks

Founder's Day is a celebration of both the Park's history and the exciting new season. For the first time, Pyramid Hill will be offering free admission for the entirety of Founder's Day Weekend. This annual event serves as the official announcement of this season's programming, updates to our museum facilities, and contemporary art exhibitions.

Attendees will get the inside scoop on long-awaited updates on Fortified Hill, a Native American earthworks site adjacent to the Park. Pyramid Hill is honored to be the current stewards of this land that is the traditional homelands of the Myaamia (Miami) and Saawanooki (Shawnee) Peoples, and we seek to honor the ancestral relationship of the Tribal Nations and the lands on which Pyramid Hill resides. Find out more about this process, potential for early access, and how you can get involved at Founder's Day.

Park admission will be free for everyone during regular business hours, in memory of Harry T. Wilks

Saturday, March 9, 2024: 9AM – 5PM

Sunday, March 10, 2024: 9AM – 5PM

"We encourage our community to join us on Founder’s Day Weekend to learn the exciting plans for 2024. Those that already know and love the Park are encouraged to bring a friend to experience the land, art, and activities the Park has to offer. For those that have never been to the Park, this is a great opportunity to discover the Park,” says Sarah Templeton Wilson, Executive Director at Pyramid Hill."Founder's Day is an excellent way to experience the Park as it was intended by Harry T. Wilks - full of art, nature, and community."

Dr. Steven Tuck of Miami University will lead a guided conversation about Pyramid Hill's ancient sculpture collection. This antiquities collection is undergoing a re-curation that will be entirely housed inside the iconic Pyramid House, and we will give you an inside look at that process. Dr. Tuck's tour was a favorite for visitors last year, who loved the lively discussions and stories behind many of the antiquities.

Man stands in front of a crowd to speak about ancient sculptures and artifacts
Dr. Steven Tuck's tour of ancient sculptures at 2023's Founder's Day event

Here is what else visitors can look forward to on March 9, 2024:

Meet and Mingle at the Pyramid House Museum

10AM –11AM

Meet new Executive Director Sarah Templeton Wilson, enjoy coffee and snacks, and explore the newly recurated ancient sculpture collection.


Ancient Sculpture Tour at the Pyramid House Museum

11AM – 11:45AM & 1PM – 1:45PM

Join Dr. Steven Tuck of Miami University for a guided introduction to Pyramid Hill's ancient sculpture collection. Hear stories about the artists, patrons, subjects, and beliefs of the ancient cultures in which these were created. 


Outdoor Sculpture Tour of the Pavilion Lawn

12PM – 12:45PM

Join a staff-led walking tour and conversation about the outdoor monumental sculptures in the Pavilion area. Tour will include stops at visitor favorites in this ares, such as Age of Stone, In Pieces, and The Web.


Family Scavenger Hunt at the Visitor Center

9AM – 5PM

Check in with our staff at the Visitor Center to begin our season scavenger hunt to find spring blooms along the Gallery Loop

In 1987, Harry T. Wilks purchased the initial 40 acres of Pyramid Hill’s now 300+ acre property to build his home. However, his vision didn’t stop there. Wilks continued to grow his love for art and nature, and manifested it through the opening of Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum in 1997. He took great pride in sharing his passions with the Hamilton community before his passing in 2014. We are forever grateful to Harry T. Wilks for his vision and dedication to this space and invite visitors to join us in celebrating his life and legacy at Founder’s Day.

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