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Bringing a Sustainable New Life to Bridge Project at Pyramid Hill Park Grounds

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park has added a new bridge to the Park grounds. A Bonny Bridge at Tefend Crossing was completed in May 2023 and is now available to connect visitors of the Ancient Sculpture Museum to the native plant garden across Annie's Run creek. This serene setting is the perfect location for the fanciful style of the new bridge that features a sloped roof and beautifully reclaimed wood.

The idea for a bridge in this location, however, is not new. There has been a bridge connecting these two areas for some time, but as the natural way of an outdoor park setting goes, updates were necessary in order to keep it safe for visitors. Pyramid Hill was delighted to find the crew at AldenWerks Studio LLC who understands and prioritizes sustainability, much like the Park. Designer Bruce Olsen remained innovative in his design in order to incorporate as much reclaimed wood from the original bridge into the new project.

"My stipulation to taking on the project, to replace the old, condemned structure, was the design would have to be a covered bridge, of an artistically pleasing design that appeared to be a bridge built many years before. We created a much stronger structure that will last for many decades to come" explains Bruce Olsen of AldenWerks Studio.

Roughly 80% of Bonny Bridge was made from reclaimed wood used in the original structure. This wood was harvested by Bruce Olsen and Reed Olsen, cleaned of old nails, screws, and staples, stripped of old paint, mold and mildew, and brought back for it's second life here at Pyramid Hill. On-site installation was done by Bruce Olsen, Reed Olsen, Michael McCleery, and Jim Manley, with CAD assistance by Celene Hawkins.

Pyramid Hill is thrilled to continue efforts of incorporating more sustainable methods into everyday operations. "We hope to inspire others to take steps towards a more sustainable future by making small and realistic changes in their daily lives that add up to a much bigger and more substantial impact" says the Park's Executive Director, Bryan W. Knicley.

Visitors have already commented on the wonderful addition of this bridge to the Park. Now, as visitors exit the Ancient Sculpture Museum and look to continue on their explorations towards the back of the Park, A Bonny Bridge at Tefend Crossing will be an excellent option to take them there quickly - maximizing exploration time and minimizing walking time.

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