Meet the Pyramid Hill Team



Glen Kindness

Museum of Ancient Sculpture Docent


Why I Volunteer: 

Pyramid Hill provides a restful environment in which to savor exceptional sculpture, ancient and modern.

Favorite Park Feature: 

The Overlook. There is nothing like it in Butler County

Favorite Park Sculpture: 

Cincinnati Story - George Sugarman

Favorite Park Event:

Art in the Park


Jerry Lynch 

Museum of Ancient Sculpture Docent

Why I Volunteer: 
I enjoy and look forward to interacting with the guests to enhance their experience, young and old. Volunteering allows me to help an organization I believe in, by giving my time in areas they feel necessary.  It is one of the most relaxing and stress free environments you can visit in today’s high society.

Favorite Park Feature:

Nature and the interspersing of monumental Sculpture.

Favorite Sculpture

Abracadabra - Alexander Liberman

Favorite Event:


Board Members


Grounds Crew

Brian Bishop

Crew Member

Gary Taxis


Ray Marshall

Crew Member

Greg Williams

Crew Member

Bryan W. Knicely

Executive Director

Liz Eversole

Business Manager

Nikki Koedel

Event Sales Manager

Grace Bornemann

Front of House Manager

Caitlyn Koedel

Front of House Lead

Nick Jung

Front of House Lead

Mitch Miekle

Program Manager

Sarah Templeton Wilson

Development Director

Mark Hecquet


Aaron Hufford


Heather Sanderson Lewis

Vice Chair

Inez Baird

John Fabelo


Patricia K. Beggs

Gregory T. Hyland II

Steve Timmer

Barbara Wilks

Nanci Lanni

Michael Stillion

Delaney French

Marketing and Sales Manager