Park Press Releases

Happy Hour Got a Little More Hairy 

What would be better than sipping a drink next to your furry friend? Pyramid Hill and Animal Friends Human Society are excited to announce our annual Canines and Wine Happy Hour event. Bring your canine companion for a leisurely stroll through the 330+ acres of the rolling hills and lakes that is Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and Museum and finish with a nice drink at this pet-friendly event. 

For more information, please follow this link: Pyramid Hill Canines & Wine!

Blood Drive! 

Blood donation can save a life! Pyramid Hill is hosting a blood drive with Hoxworth Blood Center to encourage our community to donate. All blood types are welcomed! Pre-registration is required for this event and it will be held Sunday, August 16th. For more information, please follow this link: Pyramid Hill & Hoxworth Blood Drive. 

Cosmic Viewing Party

There will be no mediocrity with these meteors. Pyramid Hill will be hosting a meteor shower viewing party on August 14th! Experience a stellar display is the sky on the hill right next to Age of Stone, a prominent sculpture in the park. Guests can have the opportunity to camp out over night in the Park! For more information, please follow this link: Pyramid Hill's Meteor Shower Party!

New Sculpture, Who this?

Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and Museum is excited to add a new sculpture to the Pyramid Family. We are honored that Bret Price chose Pyramid Hill to be the permanent home for his unique sculpture "Oh Yeah", a galvanized steel structure that will forever add to the beautiful landscape that is the rolling hills of the park. For more information, please follow this link: "Oh Yeah" - A New Park Acquisition

Mid-South Sculpture Alliance

Pyramid Hill is excited to announce its partnership with the Mid-South Sculpture Alliance in presenting nine, yes nine, sculptures placed in the park. A curated mix of abstract and representational artwork from artists across the country, this exhibition is an exciting addition to the park. The sculptures will be on display until November 2021. For more information, please follow this link: Pyramid Hill and the Mid-South Sculpture Alliance Exhibition  

Summer Series 2020.png

Summer Shenanigans for the Whole Family

Summer is a time to be outdoors! Summer is a time to be among artwork! What is a better way to that besides visiting Pyramid Hill? This summer, you can experience the best of both worlds through the 2020 Pyramid Hill Summer Series for Kids. Learn, create, and have fun this summer by participating in a series of programs designed with art and nature in mind. For more information, please follow this link: 2020 Summer Series for Kids

For the complete summer schedule click here: Summer Series 2020


Reeling in Some Fun! 

Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and Museum is celebrating Fathers and Father Figures in June 2020 with a Catch-and-Release Fishing Derby at the on-site picturesque ponds and lakes. Don't flounder on having fun, visit the park this upcoming June. For more information, please follow this link: 2020 Fishing Derby.


Pyramid Hill is Excited to be hosting Icelandic sculptor Steinunn Thórarinsdóttir's (Steinunn Þórarinsdóttir's) exhibition "BORDERS" here at the hill! This exhibition features 22 sculptures cast in iron and aluminium that are paired through out the park. These life-sized pairs will be featured at Pyramid Hill March 2020 - March 2021. For more information, please follow this link: “BORDERS” by Steinunn Thórarinsdóttir at Pyramid Hill

Love is Love

Selections from the private collection of Cincinnati Art Collector, Sara Vance Waddell, will be on display at Pyramid Hill. Curated by Maria Seda-Reeder, "Love is Love" examines the different facets of love and artists' interpretations on the complexity of the subject matter. Opening Sunday, March 8th - commemorating International Women's Day and the collection itself, which feature a number of female artists. For more information, please click the following link: "Love is Love" at Pyramid Hill. 


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