Past Contemporary Exhibitions

An odyssey of creative work that includes painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, performance, historical objects, puppetry, and more, this exhibition details The 7th Hole Religion of Crawtowne and the celestial event that precipitated the creation of this religion and its artifacts.

A Preliminary Presentation of The 7th Hole Religion of Craftowne
by Billy Simms
June 14th-August 20th
Reception Saturday, August 14th 2 - 4pm. Open to the public.


Mid-South Sculpture Alliance Exhibition
July 2020–November 2021

Put on in conjunction with the Mid-South Sculpture Alliance, this exhibition displays nine outdoor sculptures, including a mix of abstract and representational work from artists around the country.


The MSA is a membership based nonprofit and is an affiliate organization of the International Sculpture Center (ISC). Its membership is open to anyone, anywhere with an interest in and commitment to the field of sculpture. As an organization, the mission of MSA is to advance the creation and awareness of sculpture in its many and varied forms, and seeks to encourage the understanding that sculpture educates, effects social change, and engages artists, art professionals, and the community in dialogue.

From the Reject Files: Drawings, Maquette, and Proposals

Mid-South Sculpture Alliance
September 13th–October 23rd, 2021

This group exhibition of artwork by the Board and members of the Mid-South Sculpture Alliance celebrates an often-undervalued part of the art making process – planning and prototyping.  Artworks included in this exhibition range from small and medium sized maquettes, made in preparation of the completion of monumental sculptures, to reference photos taken by exhibiting artists, to 5-minute preparatory sketches that birthed infinitely more complex iterations of projects. 


by Destiny Mata and Arlene Mejorado

October 1st, 2020 - November 6th, 2020


by Michael Stillion

September 20th, 2020 - November 22nd, 2020



In these bodies of work, I am interested in blending still life and landscape with inanimate figures and portraiture. What inspires me in the studio is wide ranging – cartoons, a worn drive thru sign in my neighborhood, cigarettes my grandma smoked, Lizzo, and a Van Eyck grisaille painting titled the Annunciation. While these inspirations may seem incongruous, their combined effect has been my creation of a vocabulary of symbols and compositions. Vases filled with red flowers bend and press on the edges of the picture, shoes and gloves contort to provide a compressed tension and smoke creates a curtain of shadows. Everything is on display and open for interpretation.  

 - Michael Stillion

Out of the Darkness
March 8, 2021 - May 23, 2021

2020 was a rollercoaster thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. With this exhibition, we would like to use art to shed light on the pandemic and its consequences. Artists selected for this exhibition have used the pandemic as inspiration for their work and we are excited to share this powerful exhibition with the public.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented changes in our world and, much like other events such as The Great Recession of 2008, the impact of the current pandemic will continue to be felt for years to come. Acknowledging that art can convey ideas which words cannot always express, this exhibition aims to shed light on how artists are responding to the crisis and its aftermath. The theme, out of the darkness can be interpreted as both a woeful as well as a hopeful message – can be build back better, how will we use our newly acquired knowledge to prepare for future crises, will we unite at this critical junction or continue to tear into our fellow man because of political and ideological differences?

Global Contamination: It's All One Sea

by Joan Hall

September 20th, 2019-November 30th, 2019

Hall’s work documents the pollution on the Gulf Coast of Louisiana; in June 2011, Hall and an assistant drove an RV to the Gulf of Mexico and spent the summer documenting pollution and collecting debris on the shore from Johnson’s Bayou to Grand Isle.  Her art has been heralded for its beauty which provides a fresh take on the environmental issues she address, using scientific data and other sources of information on climate change as “points of departure” for creative exploration.