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Join us in celebration of our 8th Annual Founders Day


Admission to the park and Ancient Sculpture Museum will be FREE March 11, 2023 in honor of our founder, Harry T Wilks. The park is open from

9am - 5pm


Come explore Art in Nature!

“Harry was one of the most creative and imaginative people I have ever met. He lived life with an irrepressible joy that inspired everyone around him.”

- David Hodge, Miami University President



Harry Thomas Wilks was born March 11th 1925. Harry was

raised in a Catholic, middle class family of six and attended

Hamilton High school. There, Harry served as class president

in both his Junior and Senior years, acted as editor of the

school newspaper and was voted “most likely to succeed.”


Harry joined the Navy and during WWII served as a ship’s

navigator. After the war, he married Patricia Stoll and the

two settled in Hamilton, later having two daughters,

Barbara and Nanci. Harry attended Ohio University,

Miami University & the University of Cincinnati. Graduating

with a degree in law, Harry began practicing with local

attorney, Clem Pater.

Always an entrepreneur, Harry became interested in real estate. He began purchasing older buildings in Hamilton and enjoyed rehabbing them. Active in his community, Harry served on numerous philanthropic committees including the Hamilton City Council and later served as a district State Representative.

Harry enjoyed nature, art, music, politics, a good discussion and a hearty laugh. He loved his hometown of Hamilton, and spent a lifetime working to improve it. Harry realized that his loving family, a good education, and his opportunities to travel had allowed him to enjoy a measure of success in life and he felt obligated to offer these opportunities to others.


In 1986 Harry purchased the initial 40 acre tract of what was to become Pyramid Hill with the initial intention of building a personal home which he designed and oversaw the construction of. However, as he grew to love the land, he envisioned something more - a sculpture park on the grounds. His vision would include not only the collection of outdoor sculptures but a museum and an on-site school for music, dance, theater, poetry and other visual arts. Harry devoted the last 20 years of his life to manifesting his vision of a world renown sculpture park in Hamilton, Ohio. The creation of Pyramid Hill brought him immense joy and satisfaction as Harry was able to share his passions with visitors and encourage them to explore and foster their sense of wonder and appreciation for both art and nature.


Harry passed away on his 89th birthday at his home in Hamilton in 2014.

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