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Fotofocus Exhibitions

Pyramid Hill is proud to collaborate with FotoFocus Cincinnati to present
Dust by Patrick Wack
A Woman Named Vera by Tiffany Sutton

These photography collections will be on display in the park during the month of October, displayed on vinyl banners against the stunning fall foliage.  


Tiffany Sutton's A Woman Named Vera

“I create narratives about all women regardless of their ethnicity, age, and body type. Creating these images is an act of love for myself and my female friends,” says Sutton. This exhibition explores the many complexities of her mother, in the most naturalistic form, through the captured interactions with her family and the spaces they inhabit.

Patrick Wack's Dust

The monograph Dust gathers four years of work by French documentary photographer Patrick Wack shot in the areas of Central Asia known as East Turkistan or Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region under the current Chinese administration. This body of work captures a visual narrative of the region and is a testimony to its abrupt descent into an Orwellian dystopia.

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