Catherine Richards | Glass Architectures

Opening Reception | Monday May 6th, 2019

Glass Architectures will be on display until June 25th, 2019


Catherine Richards is an artist trained as an architect. Glass Architectures showcases her major sculptural worksfrom 2014 till today. Her first major commission, the glass tapestry ‘Valance’, featured at Art Prize 2014, will be on display with other works completed through 2018. The aluminum ‘Room of One’s Own: Sunbather Room’ is a privatespace in which to bathe in light. The ‘Crystal Palace’, a glass architecture, embodies our relationship to nature andits power. 

“Pyramid Hill is excited to welcome locally known artist Catherine Richards.” says Penny Brooks, who has helped oversee the collaboration. “Catherine has shown at the Carl Solway Gallery and has worked in India and around the world, we are thrilled that she is making Pyramid Hill a destination to showcase her work.”

Richard’s works deal in the psychological gestalt. This exhibition connects her explorations of literal andmetaphoric structure in the first retrospective exhibition of its kind. The cognitive round screen encapsulates focusedmeditative energy into an individual space. The piece ‘Frame Haus’, is an infinite patterned structure- -open walls,inspiring play or pause.


“Glass Architectures explores a permeable architecture. Open screens, glass facades, reflective elements, and private spaces frame nature and our human relationship to it.” says Richards. “The exhibition features the glass tapestry ‘Valance’, private ‘Sunbather Room’, ‘Crystal Palace’, ‘Cognitive Round Screen’, and ‘Frame Haus’, 2014-2017.”