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Boaz Vaadia

Boaz Vaadia (November 13, 1951 – February 25, 2017) was an Israeli-American artist and sculptor who worked primarily in stone and subsequently by casting in bronze. Based in New York City since 1975, his studio is located in Brooklyn. The power of natural materials and the relation of human beings to that power determine the content of Vaadia's sculpture. Vaadia said of his work, "I work with nature as an equal partner. The strongest thing I address is that primal connection of man to earth. It's in the materials I use, the environments I make, and the way I work."


Numerous public and private collectors from around the world have acquired Vaadia's works for their collections. They include The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City; the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, California; The Israel Museum, Jerusalem; The Hakone Open-Air MuseumHakoneJapan, and Grounds For SculptureHamilton, NJ.


The Family will be on display at Pyramid Hill through April 2021.

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